Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cody's Birthday

I was totally surprised on St. Patrick's Day when my kids set out a rainbow to lure a leperchaun to our house.  They drew a rainbow and then found all the yellow skittles and put them out as a pot of gold.  Then they told me, as we were leaving to run errands, that the leperchaun would probably come while we were gone and leave them prizes.  What?!  I wasn't prepared for this!  Brylie and Cody both went to the same preschool and I'm pretty sure that Miss Debbie taught them this.  Well, after a quick text to Michael when we left the house, we were completely surprised that the leperchaun did visit our house while we were gone!  And he brought gold candy and St. Patrick's Day bears for everyone!!  I guess a leperchaun just can't resist a good rainbow and pot of gold.

Cody turned 4 last month.   I can't believe how fast he is growing up.  He is a sweet little boy and I really enjoy having him home with me.  He's really helpful and loves to help clean the house and organize things!  Wonder where he got that from? He is a "glass is half full" kid and can always point out the bright side of things.  He loves to make his little sister laugh and most of all he enjoys playing with his best friend (our next door neighbor).  We love you Cody.  Happy Birthday!

Here is a picture of Cody and his best buddy, Surf.  They play together everyday, all day!  I feel so bad knowing that we are moving in a month.  It makes me sad that Cody doesn't understand it.  When he talks about moving, he talks about Surf coming with him :-(  Hopefully we can find him another good friend in our new neighborhood.

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